I want you to know that I love you not only for who you are but for who I am when I am with you. I need you, like prayer on my knees; I pray to the sky and the to the air that I need in my lungs to breathe you. I need you like oxygen, your deoxyribonucleic acid, love you a way, way past you DNA, love you for you and not for who everyone thinks is you. I know you, more than a palm reader knows the line structure of a palm, more than scriptures of Psalm, like a mother’s bond to her newborn, a covalent bond, electron to proton, electric energy, neurons and anatomy, you atoms matter to me. I’d go beyond meteors for me to be yours, like David in Psalm sung holy, connect like Samsung galaxy, galaxies and universe, stars in your eyes, stare in your eyes, face to face, standing parallel in the universe. I love the man you were in pre-destiny, I prayed that you and me would come to be, you’re my destiny and your destiny is me. I love you right now and the very next second, each second right next to you, all the time, all our time is always the right time to be with you. I love you like time, timeless, limitless, endless, on and on, forever and ever, billions of light years around the earth. Time keeps us together even when we’re apart, it holds us like hands every long minute every hour short every second another beat of my heart on and on till time ends and death is forth. Till numbered days have run out and a forever infinity is no more, no more whole galaxy, hole in ozone, no one to touch or hold, time is alone, you and I are humanly no more, our time ends with earth. Our spirits survive, we both stay dimensionally alive, leaving body, leaving the very and spiralling into space and matter, entering the after, spiritual life. Spiritual love. Together a life, same souls in love bodily changed, lingering in the atmosphere like a scent, two souls sent to never stop existing, cause love cannot die, like burning fire with a smoke so high, forever resounding like a question that remains in the universe, like, Why.


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