Horrible Bosses- The Text


Let me just start off my saying this should be read by more managers rather than employees/workers. I’m no disgruntled labourer, just merely someone with the question of why you bosses have such a large stick shoved up your asses? The reason we are a part of your firm, besides obviously because we were hired by you, is because we want the job; we need the job, yes we eat food too and live in a house and so on and so forth. The thing is, we do seek the interest of your company, we perform our duties, we take horse shit from you and we don’t complain…. to your face, because, that will ultimately lead to dismissal. I don’t think anyone can keep a job after screeching out a great “FUCK YOU!” to the managing director of the company; because he was told he’s not performing up to standard.

Now, let me make it clear that I am in no way disregarding disciplinary action and/or constructive criticism, assessment toward an employee because such is necessary within an organization. How else do you recruit or motivate an employee without giving proper instruction, correction or criticism so that he or she knows how, when or where they can improve or alter their strategies. But the point it, bosses can say how they feel to you without needing to hear something back, and trust me when I say on behalf of the labour force, that we always want to say something back, or maybe just knock over your cup of coffee, or flip our middle fingers up so hard the bone might snap. Again, we kinda want to keep this job. But the horse shit continues, Monday morning castigation; we show up for work; your foot is in your ass at 8:00 am so we automatically have to have a shitty morning. You demand shit to be done so that your mind can be at ease, you may sometimes sympathize that perhaps we had a stressful weekend since we actually do have a life outside of your company. We don’t need to hear the same bullshit from you each and every time you come into your office. I’ll advise managers to keep a journal. All the lovely speeches you give me about how your head hurts every time the pigeon shits on you, write it down, do not say it to me and blame the great depression on my mistake for leaving out a fucking full stop at the end of a cover letter or for being 60 seconds late. 60 seconds. Because I am a fucking robot and I can’t slip and fall and break my hip on the way up the stairs to see your annoying face at 8:01. Right?

I truly respect a strict working environment. It is absolutely crucial to some establishments for work pace and production to be near perfect because of the type and nature of business as well as the number one reason of putting consumers first. Without a market of consumers no business can survive. Fact. The industry is diverse; there are countless firms that are so focused on reaching goals and objectives that they sacrifice the norms of a human being to reach such. For instance; sleep and recreation. That’s fine, that’s understood. You made it possible to become managing director, CEO, Chairman, blah blah blah. You made your sacrifices on the way to becoming such, you did tremendously well in bringing about an establishment. Congratulations. You do not get a ripe banana or a gold medal for that, you get to have employees that work for you to carry on such a rewarding experience. We certainly don’t wish to work for you for the rest of our lives, or perhaps some people do; I speak for a generalized part based on employee to employee conversation. Some people make up their minds to settle for a mediocre life; some don’t. Some of us have other plans, we can’t eat and breathe your bullshit forever. We too are availing ourselves. We too, will manage our own shit. We currently need money and this is why we are working for you and not because we want to hear you complain every single day, please pay for a therapist, you can afford it.

We can’t get rid of you because, one, we need to be paid and you make that happen and two, that would be illegal, I think. So we bear the bullshit and we learn what needs to be learnt. We don’t totally ignore what you say when you are honest in seeking our interest and the betterment of our administration. We definitely do appreciate all effort to shape us into better, more functional workers, we try our best but please do not for once think you are a greater human being than I am because you have more money. Do not use your position to ever completely disregard that I have a life and sometimes I will roll out of bed wanting to stay the fuck home but I still manage to show up and ignore my problems to deal with yours; and that’s my fault because this is my situation right now; but do not push me to the edge. I am a good person, don’t fuck that up, cause technically your company is in my hands šŸ™‚





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