Guess who’s not a model? Me. Weird tits, small ass, my feet are off as hell, my hair is almost always messy, I’ve the skin of an (alligator) goddess. Ha. But put me amongst the world’s most beautiful women and watch me lead all common and exclusive attraction to Me. Also, I’ll face no insecurity. My laughter is more beautiful than my face and my soul is more beautiful than my laughter. You can imagine an overthinker like me with no ground? Never. I was made to exhibit beautiful things; beautiful things including myself. I am not a by-product of … Continue reading Bio-Me

Blitzkrieg- By Regina-Lee.

At the beginning of time there was no heed warning that we would become our own enemies, we would caterwaul and fight and we would obliviate true love. No man should thank himself after a war that left carnage and no dead human spirit should return evil even if he had been spited in his life. These are my words. You know, we are quick, convenient creatures and both man and woman act upon human instinct. It is how we were made. We are curious; man definitely cannot live by bread alone. Women are castigated for being emotional, men are … Continue reading Blitzkrieg- By Regina-Lee.

Reason Being…We are Reason Beings

A conversation between my uncle and I yesterday ignited a new fervor within me. I realized that I am rather irked by any misconception of religion, spirituality and science. Somehow there lies a passion in me to spread my experience and theories to perhaps help those who’ve never come to know notions concerning each. Now, I’m no pope, preacher or imam, I’ve never studied spirituality and I’m definitely not a scientist. All I am is a nomad. A pilgrim except I journey within the pages of books and words of wisdom from the elderly and wise. Fuel for me is … Continue reading Reason Being…We are Reason Beings

This is the result of lack of coffee in my system this morning people..

I am like a coffee bean, before I am grounded I am a single stud, almost worth next to ‘not’ a full cup of coffee but on my own I represent so much preciousness and beauty. I represent coffee. Coffee is the truth that we look forward to. Coffee is the reason for patience and anticipation. Coffee sets free the life of a bean. I am patient to be dealt with, patient to be kind. I have no other office but to fulfill the destiny of provision and beauty. I will set into creating the greatest thing for myself and … Continue reading This is the result of lack of coffee in my system this morning people..

The Path of Our Lives

Originally posted on Steve Blank :
“Some men see things as they are and say, why; I dream things that never were and say, why not?” Robert Kennedy/Bernard Shaw I got a call that reminded me that most people live their life as if it’s predestined – but some live theirs fighting to change it. At 19 I joined the Air Force during the Vietnam War. Out of electronics school my first assignment was to a fighter base in Florida. My roommate, Glen, would become my best friend in Florida and Thailand as we were sent to different air bases in Southeast Asia. An… Continue reading The Path of Our Lives

Leave work for a year to go live on a remote island? How a TED Talk inspired me to take a mid-career sabbatical

Originally posted on TED Blog:
Winston Chen left his job at a software company in Boston and moved his family to the island of Rødøy, population 108, for a year. Here, Chen’s son walks across a deserted beach on a stormy… Continue reading Leave work for a year to go live on a remote island? How a TED Talk inspired me to take a mid-career sabbatical


I’m not even in the mood to write but I’m so cursely expressive that as soon I sit to sip a glass of wine or chew on my hair like a silly habit, I must and always blow a fuse in my brain with fiery thoughts that cloud over me like bad weather. I’m such a insatiable woman when it comes to getting weight off of my chest. I either say too much, not say enough or misconstrue my own trail of thoughts and be deemed as unrealistic, insane or unfair. My eyes are diaphanous and I can never hide … Continue reading blue