This is the result of lack of coffee in my system this morning people..

I am like a coffee bean, before I am grounded I am a single stud, almost worth next to ‘not’ a full cup of coffee but on my own I represent so much preciousness and beauty. I represent coffee. Coffee is the truth that we look forward to. Coffee is the reason for patience and anticipation. Coffee sets free the life of a bean. I am patient to be dealt with, patient to be kind. I have no other office but to fulfill the destiny of provision and beauty. I will set into creating the greatest thing for myself and for others. I’ll be first happy because I have provided and I have shone, then others will be ignited and left to joy. I would have accomplished, succeeded and triumphed, I would have been a bean to be rewarded. I leave behind my scent, my taste and touch; everything. Destiny from little me. Sweet coffee.


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