Darling, my frustration hurts me most.

There’s nothing more painful than feeling my fire burning out.

When I am out of wick, out of fuel and out of lane.

It hurts to know you don’t know me

But it is fulfilling that you love me, despite.

I will stay with you when you break my heart

I trust that you will kiss me and mend it.

We will pray together, evil seems to be everywhere

I will take you anywhere, trust that I will be loyal

You are the first to love my worst, and I, the same

You will be the last to give me your name, I accept you

I may have a broken bone but I will still laugh at you

You may be 100 years I will still want you

My frustration hurts me most.

We may not be here for 100 years.

Not even 90.

But all of which we do

I love you.

You’re my fire and smoke.

From the very first moment we spoke.

That secret strum your heart plays

Every time you walk toward me.

That is my wick, my fuel and my lane.

I promise I’m staying.

Babe, my frustration hurts me most

You make my fire burn.






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