You’re not “alone” when you’re depressed. You’re never the only person depressed. Its controllable depending on whether you feed or starve it. Like a wolf inside you really. Its only human to fall to do either. When its inevitable that’s when you can tell its detrimental to your health and life but as a human there’s always a way to fight through what you’ve been through to go through what you need to. You are not your consequences if they trouble your soul. Become the consequences that make you want to prosper. I read once that ” Human beings are like television sets with millions of channels. If we turn on Buddha, we are the Buddha. If we turn on sorrow then we are the sorrow. If we turn a smile on we really are the smile. We cannot or should not let just one channel dominate us.” As emotional creatures we were not designed to mimic robotic demeanour and pose as a one emotion being. We are powerful enough to possess seeds of all energies and transform them naturally into what will ultimately become us. Its beautiful. Its a choice to break free from a lone bondage and realize that we are more than our crappy circumstamces and boring economic livelihood. Feed your soul the right fruit and you will forever be on a happy journey… despite the strong pull of depression.


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