Less Human More Human

Love is a freedom. A commitment to a eternal compromise. A promise to be free from spite and hatred. God, the father, his image reflection in us. To be like him and not liked by him but loved by him. Loved by each other not controlled over one another. Selfless favors and complete devours of spirituality. The more spirit the less body. The less body the less intentions the less death, the less likely beastly behavior, the less behaviour the more freedom, the more freedom the more surprise, more surprise more chance more chance for life, length and breadth and bread for life more bread less hunger less war more compassion more sympathy more spirituality more function more accord. Love is a freedom, no victims, no saviors only beings, expressive and honest, like water, obvious and pure lifelike and penetrating. Free flowing, free spirited, free form locs, rastafari, free people, free music, free soul. Love is a freedom without blame, truth and harmony, forgiveness, continuous forgiveness and understanding, intentional bonding, friendship and affection. Birds. Sunrise. Leaves. Soil. Dreams. Love.


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