Laundromat Chat- Behind My Eyes



I was folding my clothes. Normal routine. Then a guy shouted over at me and asked if I smoked. Is it that obvious? It was like asking a black rasta guy if he has weed or a lighter. I’d like to think I dress pretty ordinary and not like a girl who smokes, if there is such a look. But I wasn’t really offended I was just surprised. Anyway, I said yeah. So my hand was already reaching in my pocket to pick out my lighter and/or a cigarette, or a hemp, or… I didn’t have weed on me then. By the way, you know, I am brown skinned. I’ve curly hair that looks like pre-meditated dreadlocks, I had a beanie on, a Bob Marley t-shirt, black joggers and vans sneakers. But this guy didn’t want any of my smoker paraphernalia he just had a question he wanted to ask me. It was random as shit but kind of entertaining so no biggie. There I was folding and occasionally raising my eyebrow at this guy who was now next to me but at a comfortable distance.

So, he proceeded to rephrase his question, “Do you smoke weed?” Again I said yeah. Then he asked why. By this time I stopped folding my clothes and took a seat on the “no sitting on table” table. Yes, I’m a rebel it seems. Then I thought hey that’s probably it. I smoke weed cause I’m rebellious. But no, that wasn’t it. I didn’t actually know the reason why though, I just did. I told him I started at a young age, I didn’t have the typical friend company growing up. Life in the “ghetto” and sometimes your struggle pushes you to be unconsciously attracted to almost everything the average good guy in society is against. Also, being around Rastafarian culture growing up, it taught me that weed is not just something for recreation, I learned meditation, the health benefits and the great feeling of just chilling the fuck out. He laughed. In a way that led me to believe he had no bad judgement on me. So I laughed too. But I was curious as to why he was curious. So I asked him why he asked me. 

He looked at me and laughed again and said, “You just seem like a girl who’s been through a lot and I saw your lighter fell when you first came in and I did what I never did before, I judged your book by your cover. But I love to read. You just seem so interesting, the way you do everything, I don’t know I just had to hear you converse about something to prove my realization right.”

Then I smirked, and paused for really long and asked myself again, is it that obvious?


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