If you just rolled all the way over on your bed and still manage to make more than a thousand dollars, sleeping, congrats man. Like, you don’t know how many people are striving to be just like you. If its not a goal of everyone to make tons of money then I tell you its a goal of more than many. Unfortunately we’re not all given the same opportunities to make money making happen quick and easy. Success is something stemmed from sacrifice and focus. Besides being born into wealth, seizing a tremendous opportunity and winning at it, the hardship ship is waiting to board every man and jack. And that journey is always duly. 

The way I see it. The rich man misses out on the experiences of a poor man and vice versa. But that’s just palpable right? Until the poor man becomes rich and/or vice versa, again. Throughout life, everything works as a process and time determines everything no matter how concealed the future might be, sometimes the immediate future can paint an overt picture based on two things; choice and determination. I didn’t mention that these two happen to drive real success. example: Its not a black man’s choice to be black in colour, but it is his decision to either emulate the negative stereotypes placed on black people or ignore labels placed on him and live his life. Imagine “The theory of black mentality; Why the black man’s objective remains resentment toward slavery and the white man” explained as he who is black was once enslaved by the white headmasters who must not be respected ever in life for such actions. The black man must never forget the wickedness that was done to him; the black man must fight back in ways of ignorance…” Now imagine “Positive post-slavery denouncement; How the black race forgave and sustained to leadership and equality among all others, the white man’s concession to brotherhood among all races….” Both these terraces would or would have strived singularly by a choice of all whom were a part of slavery. Both white and black. Decision making in this respect starts individually, then your brother, then your brother then your brother. It is BOLDLY obvious in the word mankind. MAN KIND. Men of kindness, respect and forgiveness. All of which come from choices to do so! 

My point. The choice to wake up on a Monday morning in 2014 and be oblivious to the possibility that as an individual you can make a difference or dent in perspective and operation World. But, brother, you’re up against the world. The government, religion, science, PEOPLE; who’s choices are not the same as yours. My point. Man’s choice is not the same as his brothers’. We are not one race or creed. We have been separated somewhere along the way of staying kind. This is the woe in every crevice of life. The big black breaking bridge burdening people’s success, the one that’s fuelling the path for others, the one that spins things in orbit. You realize now why we were given free-will by God? This is not a test. 


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