My style of Writing- Me as a writer

If you’ve ever wondered about how my writing sounds I’ll make your ponder a bit clearer. Sometimes when I write poetry the finished product sounds like very old english. And this is because of the early likelihood that my soul and mind intertwined with oxford poetry from a very young age. I’m talking about poetry since before the 1200s; english verse. When I came across this book I almost fainted because it was the first time in my life I felt so emotionally, intellectually, even spiritually drawn to something. The connection I felt with this type of poetry instilled an expression frenzy in my body. I knew I wanted to write like that and from then on I couldn’t stop. I felt like I finally found a doorway to express my soul and spill out my mind beautifully. So, this is namely the reason behind my wording and poetry structure. One of or perhaps my favorite poetry book in the world. The Oxford Book of English Verse 1250-1918.


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