This Man Never Troubled No One

I’ve never seen a man with so much dimension. Him, in his casual clothes and burning personality standing so tall. A man who busted out of childish ways yet is still an adventurous boy. He walks with God and somewhere in his veins run the manhood put in him as the one put in Adam. He takes it upon himself to define who he is despite an excruciating battle between being good enough and being good. He allows no man on earth to judge his heart, not even his father or his brothers. See, he is still learning as a child but fighting like a man. He is humble with the courage of a lion. A majestic lion lurking for food and peace. He is simple. He does unto others what he would have them do to him; even after his heart breaks. He remains simple whilst bettering his being. He is handsome from his head to his feet. All his features duly defined to fit his face and his body. His body which he keeps like David, a soldier, sober and protective. This man of many traits. His good and his bad both of which he carries and tarry. God bless him and keep him forever. He never troubled no one.


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