My name’s fool cause I’ve been bearing all of this burden. I have been loving you despite your brokenness. I’m a fool cause I have taken away all of your shame and ways I’ve loved you despite your wickedness. You’re so lost and careless you have forgotten about me and all the ways we fell in love. I’m a fool because I can’t hate what you’ve done. I’d never ask you. I’m just foolish I’m so lost Believe me I’m a fool. Advertisements Continue reading fool


My mind has been in question For as long as I can recall I’ve past over thinking this is madness I try to paint, I try to write Nothing gives a clear picture My thoughts are all in blue Somehow, I don’t know The color blue and they are in water Tidal waves, and deep deep darkness They are lost. All that I think about seems lost I’ve fallen out of touch with my breath I’ve lost the beatings of my heart I’m but now part of this deep sea It seems no man can love me He may stay … Continue reading Sea