My mind has been in question
For as long as I can recall
I’ve past over thinking this is madness
I try to paint, I try to write
Nothing gives a clear picture
My thoughts are all in blue
Somehow, I don’t know
The color blue and they are in water
Tidal waves, and deep deep darkness
They are lost.
All that I think about seems lost
I’ve fallen out of touch with my breath
I’ve lost the beatings of my heart
I’m but now part of this deep sea
It seems no man can love me
He may stay for his while
He does not see blue he only sees red
Red is not what I am
I am not so bold
My beauty is beheld
This blue is not sadness it is glory
Because I know my own self
What you may call madness
Is clearly not me
I am a deep deep ocean
Deeper than even I cannot see.


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