David; As in David who fought Goliath

I seek David in a man. He who makes me understand what it means for someone to fight for your love. He does not cross any ocean or jump off any cliffs; all he does is swallow his pride. Now, as a woman I somehow can tell when a man is neglectful of what he’s truly feeling just to maintain his pride and when he is being utterly genuine. A man in love is like a penguin, he has no interest in any other woman besides his own. The greatest temptation will not flatter him for he fears losing a … Continue reading David; As in David who fought Goliath

Are You Pretty, Dead or Got Ebola?

I bet you’re all overly tired of each and every conniving story about  the provenance and spread of the Ebola virus. I know I am. At this point I wish I had the superpower of telepathy; make myself present at each case Ebola appeared also in government offices, in the CDC’s laboratories, in Africa, amongst the federal, perhaps amongst the colony of bats where it supposedly originated. Of course with this superpower I am also immune. Duh. So within my plan I’m seeking to find the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God. For … Continue reading Are You Pretty, Dead or Got Ebola?

The truth about Sunday

You’re either one who gets completely annoyed by all the slow jams that are on the radio on a sunday evening or you actually are very passionate about it. In short, you’re either a lover or a bitter one. For the inbetweeners, I guess this isn’t for you. There’s always that one song that tears you apart and even though your heart can’t take it, you torture yourself and resound every word and feel like utter shit yet some kind of feeling of hope forms in you, a hope that you hope will leave your body, and enter a spiritual … Continue reading The truth about Sunday

Little lies

Originally posted on The girl with the broken wing and a mermaid tail:
So you lie to yourself to be happy. There’s nothing wrong with that. We all do it… And so you lie that maybe someday it will be just what you hope it would be, you keep on going, sticking with what you have even if you have that nagging feeling that if you don’t leave today, you’re heading for disaster.. You hope that your dreams would come true and that one person would actually not leave, that he will never break you.. Your hope makes you happy… Continue reading Little lies