David; As in David who fought Goliath

I seek David in a man. He who makes me understand what it means for someone to fight for your love. He does not cross any ocean or jump off any cliffs; all he does is swallow his pride. Now, as a woman I somehow can tell when a man is neglectful of what he’s truly feeling just to maintain his pride and when he is being utterly genuine. A man in love is like a penguin, he has no interest in any other woman besides his own. The greatest temptation will not flatter him for he fears losing a great thing. This is David. A man who is fearless because he knows he is protected and in turn he protects his own; fights for it to redeem it and keep it and love it. Goliath stands no chance for victory. David may hurt and bruise and toil for stretch reasons but he is in love with what he know he’s won. I want to be David’s keepsake. I want to be his wife. I want to be loved as deeply as below yonder. I want to be fought for, pridelessly. I want to be stood for against Goliath. I want to see David’s tears and his heartache. I want to be the reason he wants to defeat his villain.


2 thoughts on “David; As in David who fought Goliath

  1. What if David swallows all his pride and let out all his emotions. Then maybe he might be vulnerable or maybe it will be safe and protected . But whats the next step after seeing all the tears and heart ache.

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