Something very random and logical and emotional

Everything that is either projected or comes out of thought from the human brain is representation, including actions that are involuntary such as sneezing. Something obvious/factual: An act is based upon a thought. A thought which is worded when thought about or a series of happenings which one cannot always word or explain. These are complex visualizations which seem worded because the brain is talking to itself hence the reason or feeling of kerfuffle or jumbled thought. Humans sometimes feel bewildered if they cannot explain themselves. Non-expression causes a psychological manipulation and a shun and a human can become shelled and insecure. It is not an easy action to express a thought. Another factual thing: People are different and learn to express through different forms of nurture or nature. How one is bred and educated determines almost 80% of projected expression. The 10% is experience. Other people’s personalities imprint on others; we pick up habits, slangs, etc. All these change or hinder our perceptions and actions.

Something about logic. Humans cannot abide by logic alone. We are emotional, sentient beings. We are driven by feelings apart from all logical bodily function. Emotions have a logic and can be understood based on how moderately we handle them. Men are more logical than women, this is why a perfect relationship does not exist because to be perfect a man and a woman would have to meet each other exactly half way. We do not know where this 50% exists, meaning; we cannot identify at which point men should obliterate logic and tap into emotion and at what point women should obliterate emotion and tap into logic. That point is somewhere in the universe that us humans CANNOT fathom. But, we are imperfect beings. We were meant to feel emotion. All emotions. Grief, anguish, confusion. All of it. It is our deciphering that helps us survive. See, technology will not save humankind, humans will. We can control emotions if we perfected the art of moderation. But we cannot learn this once and for all. It is something to accomplish over and over because we can sustain it. Expression is life. Without it we are dead. Representation is life. Without it we are dead.


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