Pseudoscience is the new Science.

If you’ve been wondering how come everyone seems so intelligent and philosophical lately; blame the internet. In the midst of an argument you can google how to win it. Congratulations. The internet wins at life, thus the basis of its appeal. People don’t study theories anymore though. They just filter through the correct sounding portions and improvise the rest based on how we see fit something should sound. Pseudoscience has taken over by storm. Its waved over almost everything. Racism, homosexuality, politics, relationships; I mean, everything. There is no more simplicity. People are craving dissimilarity, so, they put forward their pseudo-scientific opinions to create theories of their own. Now this is not a crime. Theorists came up with theories that’s why we have theories. BUT theories are almost always if not always scientific. Proof lies beneath all of them. But not this generation. There is only fabrication. Nothing can be settled. Religion cannot be religion and disbelief can’t just be disbelief. There are pseudo wars dominating social networks, social groups and generally just society. So, having an opinion is so yesterday. Beware of social pseudo robots; here to form armies to extinguish genuineness, humility and proof of theory. An army of constant talkers, belittlers and no-idea-what-they-are-doing-ers. I’m not scared though, I just feel so much pity. I know now what Bob Marley meant when he said “We’ve got to fulfill the book.”


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