Have you guys seen the movie(s) Divergent or Insurgent? I basically read its synopsis and determined just one thing. A perfect society doesn’t exist. So, the radical new way to fit in society is to join the follownazi wagon. I coined the term “follownazi” based on two things: social influence and popular culture. You can literally put any two conflicting persuasions in a nice, decorative form and boom, magic followers. The term Nazi by definition refers to a  member of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, which controlled Germany from 1933 to 1945 under Adolf Hitler and advocated totalitarian government, territorial expansion, anti-Semitism, and Aryan supremacy, all these leading directly to World War II and the Holocaust. By social conditioning the term Nazi got indirectly affiliated with acts of rebellion, indifference and force to be outstanding. This is why I call these type of people follownazis. 

What type of people are follownazis you may ask? Where to start? Feminists. Feminism basically advocates equal rights for women. The massive and ridiculous growth in the amount of feminist over the past decade or less is almost unbelievable. After the twentieth century society stepped in dog shit and became haywire. The government became a villain and all educational programing was systematically replaced by “reality” television. This new world would have been perfect if you wanted to live in perpetual poverty watching idiots argue wide-eyed about nothing in particular over reality tv beef between fifteen minutes of advertising. But, if you were interested in being more than a culture zombie, things were going to get rough the second you left college and entered the intellectual desert of everyday life. Do you have any friends who suddenly became feminists? or stupidly obsessed with the theory of feminism and opposing people’s opinions about it as if their lives depended on it. Yeah me too. Don’t get me started on “social-network nazis”. Ugh.

EVERYTHING has got to have a theoretical phenomenology now. Everything! I can’t even cough without an atheist jumping out of the bushes yelling “DON’T YOU DARE EXPECT ME TO SAY BLESS YOU! Let me tell you why your God is mythical and show you my vicious scientific evidentiary support.” Logic is undeniable. Human beings are not just a physical specie. You do know science states this as well. I’m not telling you to detach yourself from this era. That’s impossible. The internet is tremendous. Social networking is the best invention since sliced bread. I am telling you to detach yourselves from the Nazi stronghold. The magnetic bastion eroding beneath this generation. The net will zombify you and cause to to miss a chance at catching a butterfly because you were busy looking for a theory to support a theory. This world did not go through so much turmoil to become a giant planet of walking talking letters of the alphabet. Nothing root and beautiful just a bunch of cameras faced the wrong direction. I bet some follownazis are grumbling right now about how I’m against self-love cause I just indirectly opposed taking selfies. No dickhead. Calm your brain.

I read that “It’s almost as if this is the new faith– a distraction from reality that makes us feel safe and comfortable and keeps us from the big questions. God’s will used to stop us from obsessing over how the universe works or questioning our places in society. Now we have BuzzFeed and fake unscripted television for that. All of this garbage keeps you willfully ignorant of what is actually going on.

And the problem isn’t so much that the trash is out there, it’s that it is as pervasive as head lice in the second grade. In a single weekend I have involuntarily been witness to online articles of Disney Princesses as zombies, as steam-punk characters, as hipsters, as sexy nerd girl cosplay, as traditional cosplay, as plus sized cosplay, as cross-dressing cosplay, as tattoos, as fake Twitter accounts, and as a seemingly infinite mass ejection of throwaway memes. Despite legitimate artists everywhere creating brand new characters and original content, we are praising those who are co-opting popular images and characters by sharing their work over and over again. Combining two things people already like isn’t innovative or cool. It’s just a good way to con someone into thinking you’re an actual artist while selling a few shirts. Yet people everywhere flip their lids over the same tired photos of big breasted women in Darth Vader masks and doodles of Dr. Mario taking a dump in the TARDIS without a moment’s pause”.

I am not part of that army, sorry. I’m not a hypocrite either. I’m trying to avoid as much contradictions as I can. But no way in hell I am becoming a follownazi.

Research: USA Increase in Feminist Groups/Society (Statistic Representation)

Quote Credit: You Monsters Are People


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