An Oblivious Affair with Social Media

Goodnight, I love you but not that much. 

I rather check twitter to keep in touch.
You don’t deserve me staring in your eyes, 
I much rather check my chats’ replies. 
I know I was late I’m not that sorry, 
I got busy making a snapchat story. 
My facebook updated can you hold on a minute. 
My selfie is for myself, sorry, you can’t be in it. 
Is this filter too bright I’m still deciding. Oh right its movie night, I had trouble remembering. 
You don’t look so good are you doing okay, hold on, these comments are hilarious I took this picture today. 
Two seconds is kinda long can we talk another time, 
I’m going to bed. Right after I vine. 
Why are you crying its just a status, relax, people won’t know there are fights between us. 
Would you please calm down its only a song, I can admire a sexy girl gosh nothing wrong. 
Our relationship is fine you need to stop crying, I’ve been tweeting all day about the fact that I’m trying. 
All I did was like a picture of her ass, that was two weeks ago, why you bringing up the past. 
You act like its serious what I do online, no one will believe it, you and I are fine. What do you mean you get no attention, I sent you like 3 emojis, isn’t that enough affection.  
Look I’m tired, this isn’t working out, 
I rather talk to tumblr, they know what I’m about. 
I don’t understand what you’re saying, I care about you,
My posts are always or never about you. 
I can’t do this anymore I wanna break up. 
I don’t need you anyway. 
*Tweets* “who’s up?”


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