*Insert Corny Phrase Here*

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My logic is undeniable. People often misconstrue the things I say without understanding the logic behind it. I’m always assumed as being corny or overemotional or flat out romantic and unrealistic. You want some logic? Let me give you some.

“When we have each other we have everything”

I know right. A nice movie quote to tell your significant other when he/she is at world’s end trying to be good enough to face the world; feeling empty and broken and hopeless. Wrong. Me and my significant other are both human. Almost 99% of the mass of our bodies is made up of the elements oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus etc etc according to chemistry. On a bigger scale, our cosmic connections and galaxy bound matter make us everything that explains anything that exists. When I say I “have” him, I refer to his existence and he being mine being in a relationship with me and he being in love with me. If I go to space I can’t hug the atmosphere I’ll die out there. I can’t hug helium, I can’t embrace every single minuscule star particle in the universe. I am only here and I can hold him and touch his skin. He is composed of everything out there that maybe I would wish to hold but cannot fathom because I was not meant to. In me contains all of those constellations and epiphanies that he also may never be able to fathom but I am here with him and he has me on the basis of every reason that I have him. We do have everything in having each other. We both are capable of joining a corporate humanistic world here on earth to sustain a proper physical living through food, water and shelter. We both can reproduce, we use time to survive like every rotation, explosion and developing composition of life and life-form itself.

Please do not assume my logic is 100% bent to emotion. Don’t mistake my affection for a mere humdrum set of words. Whatever I say is colossal and usually if not always ratiocination. Don’t over-think (although I do) just like the universe.


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