Diamonds and Pearls


I grew up Christian.

So, my morals and standards have been stemmed from my beliefs and customs growing up. As a writer I also spend extensive amounts of free time doing research which has opened up my mind tremendously. I’ve questioned my faith, I’ve had doubts but I’ve never reached a point of complete disbelief. I support science theories, I respect other people’s belief and lack thereof and I only write to share and enlighten any time I’m inspired to do so. This one is about women but not just for women; men,you might be edified as well. One day I randomly began observing women and the way they dress. Now, you know there’s a 99% chance of you being attacked verbally by feminazis, activists and anti-rape-ologists if you dare state your opinion on the way a woman dresses or carries about herself. For this one, I don’t care; attack if you please. Women reveal everything. It started I’m not so sure how much ever years aback. 2015, everything is in plain sight for you to see. And you cannot complain because 1.) A woman should not be sexualized just because she is naked or near naked. 2.) A woman’s nakedness or near-nakedness should not be consent or a reason to blame a man’s sexual arousal or lust or desire for her. 3.) A woman should be free to express herself in anyway she sees fit without being shamed or accused of no self-respect since no one has authority over her and judgement should not be passed on her because she fails to conform to traditional or religious ways of keeping her body or way of dress. And 4.) We are in the era of “nobody cares”. So where does that leave a woman? What do we give women respect based on? Do we respect all women the same regardless of how each one carries herself? What is a virtuous woman? Its almost as easy as it is difficult to answer these questions. We can’t convince an entire generation to one truth or one belief, so in the midst of all this kerfuffle and conundrum I stand with my conviction. I seldom fall into contradiction but my goal is to try not to. As a woman.

You cannot ask a modern woman to respect herself. She will argue with you and tell you she can do as she pleases and how she dresses has nothing to do with respect and she is not responsible for a man’s lust and society’s traditional beliefs that she should cover herself to attract a proper man or general regard from the public eye. I shit you not. Ask any young woman. Her theories and feminazi spirit will lead you to believe that society has outgrown tradition and this era should be respected as the era of freedom, sexuality, expression and open-mindedness. She will convince you that she is chaste and righteous despite having her bosom, buttocks and belly exposed because physical bodily exposure has absolutely no relation to who a person is and their moral and wholesome value. Again, I shit you not. Go look at any female’s instagram (or social) page and look at the caption underneath her bikini body picture… “Blessed & happy #cutenessoverload”. There will be two outstanding comments underneath the picture; a lustful male and her defence with a theory or statement that supports her right of innocence despite what he wears in a harmless picture. Brace yourselves cause here comes my oh so Christian faith to do the talking. The most valuable things of the earth are if not hidden, covered and hard to see, find or get. Where do you find diamonds? Deep in the earth, soiled covered countless feet beneath the ground. Where do you find pearls? Deep down at the bottom of the ocean, covered and protected in a beautiful shell. Where do you find gold? Way down in a mine, covered in layers of rock and earth bone. A woman’s body is more precious than all of these; sacred and unique, if kept treasured mineral just like gold, diamond and pearl, a reputable mining organization with the requisite machinery will fly down and conduct years of extensive exploration. She will require professional contract and legal signing for consent to her body. If these precious stones are exposed to all of the earth; it attracts illegal mining and exploitation. People will fight and argue its freedom because it is set open for all to see and steal because they know its worth. They know what they can get from it. They will use it and sell it and keep digging for more after they have seen what the surface has to offer. A human is physically presented before anything else. This is not (rocket) science. It is obvious. Human and human connection is firstly physically affiliated. We do not possess ability to read mind and connect spiritually based on initial encounter, this can only occur after conversation, timeless vibe or relation. To clear the air of all metaphoric comparison; no a woman is not a precious stone from the ground but she is a representation of something from the earth. And if you dissipate everything from society except regard for a woman she will be regarded as something precious and modest. How you choose to dress is a definite representation because we are sexual, physical beings that act upon instinct and emotion. We are not logical robots. We hold responsibility for each other as a human race. If we don’t; all your theories of feminism, equality, anti-racism etc etc etc etc are invalid. There is no support without a supporting firmament. Humans survive based on togetherness and what we think. We have to have regard for one another otherwise as an entire body we will fail. Tradition encouraged this togetherness and the ignorance toward that caused generation deterioration and degradation of us as a people and the inevitable clash of opinions and perspectives and consequently; surface diamonds and pearls; and no remorse for it. No, no remorse for it. Sigh.

I’m still Christian.


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