Its a trend now to admire and romanticize love from the outside. Pretty couples, pictures of affection and flowers all looking so perfectly depicted demanding that we feel the need to have that. That oh so perfect picture. But that’s just a problem. Its a picture. Its doesn’t percolate of what’s real about love. People get into relationships to take pictures of their progress to post it online for validation that its going okay its going fine. Likes and comments are gonna hold together this picture of what defines what a relationship is portrayed to be about. What happens when real shit falls over. And reality comes into play. Fights and neglection or come what may. The things that pictures cannot receive. The image of deceit. That pretty is pretty only if pretty is outside. There is no leverage to hold things like spirit and soul. Growing old means as far as how many months go. Forever is just a caption connected by two emojis no emotion. Your responses to conversation go from I really appreciate to, a smiley face, a heart or a star. Why can’t you express yourself in ways you express yourself. Expression is not indecisive. When you feel something the only thing that keeps it from coming out is denial or sometimes fear in which case you shouldn’t care because every single thing that is in the dark must and will come to light. In love, its a battle a constant fight. We are imperfect beings that live on emotion we live on hope that is how humanity copes. That is how we were made in image and likeness. We were not wired to perform factorial duties. We are love beings and we’ve been dug out of all affection and replaced by networking. There are no more doors of conditioning. Conditioning has finished. This is the last stage. And unless we make a change now. We are gonna end up another batch of generation deterioration. We must find God. Find ourselves then we find meaning. It’s late. Its so late. When are we gonna stop looking at the picture and start learning what truly matters.  


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