The Healing is in the Aching

I came across this image on Tumblr and immediately felt obligated to write about it. Because I’ve never seen so much truth in an image. If any of you has ever suffered a mental illness, a mental strain, a mental condition whether it be stress, depression, bipolar, trauma, emotional scarring and anxiety, this image will speak to you. The healing is in the aching. I immediately understood what this meant and related to it so deep that I could explain it inside out. I really dislike talking about what I’ve been through and I sometimes lie to people about my childhood; simply because; they don’t need … Continue reading The Healing is in the Aching

The Secretly Vindictive

I’d say absolutely no one is 100% in their right mind. There are no fully sane folks walking this earth. I may perhaps excuse babies and infants regarding their innate innocence and goodness but that’s about it. At least one point in your life you sought vengeance. You spited someone because humans are insatiable creatures. Or so we were probably conditioned to believe. “Its in human nature“, “He’s a man its expected“. I know I’m not the only one who has ever heard that before. Uhhh to me that sounds like a sorry excuse for you to be a cunt. … Continue reading The Secretly Vindictive

21st Century Justice

The media is accomplishing what the media set out to accomplish. Hey, I would like to propose a toast; to social media, social forms and social modernity for finally winning over tradition, culture and history. A special thanks to political and justice systems for maintaining their vigour throughout an entire attempt by the people to “change” and “reconstruct” their scheme. Oh and to modern feminists for wrecking culture theories of women and erudition. Come on folks, raise your glasses. I’m not even American and I occasionally find myself telling my friends “Wake up America” after we’ve discussed some political, social … Continue reading 21st Century Justice

I Wish I Was A White Wolf

There is not enough depth in any mind I sink mine in. I wish I was a white wolf smothering my nose in white snow; figuring out what is mine and where I should go. I should have been a brown fox so that my little feet can take me quietly across where I should not be. I want to be an eagle so that my mind matches that which I wish to see. All along I should have been that white wolf; fearless and cold; too strong for the world to dirty my fur. I do not listen to … Continue reading I Wish I Was A White Wolf