21st Century Justice

The media is accomplishing what the media set out to accomplish. Hey, I would like to propose a toast; to social media, social forms and social modernity for finally winning over tradition, culture and history. A special thanks to political and justice systems for maintaining their vigour throughout an entire attempt by the people to “change” and “reconstruct” their scheme. Oh and to modern feminists for wrecking culture theories of women and erudition. Come on folks, raise your glasses.

I’m not even American and I occasionally find myself telling my friends “Wake up America” after we’ve discussed some political, social or global trepidation. I’m not entirely black yet I find myself feeling absolutely such and nothing else when I’ve come across police brutality against and killings of black African Americans. I mean; deeply, deeply saddened by the images and videos I see of what is taking place. People are fighting for justice. People want justice. But there are those that feed governmental and social fishes unknowingly.

Think of the media as a flesh eating virus; flesh being exposure; this is what we are giving them; here is where it becomes impossible to kill the virus. Similarly; government and social fishes include anything and anyone that fiends for the system. The guy behind the camera that gets it all recorded; the police abusing his power, the white man aggrieving the black man. We don’t need to record this to show the world that its happening. Its been happening since before we had smart phones. It was worst, like where have you been? Let me speak for MY country when I say we GAINED independence. I highlight the past tense of the matter because it took stand without a camera phone to effectuate independent power without a colonial choke-hold. But have we ever been independent since then? That’s other subject where I feel obligated to quote Bob Marley’s redemption song.

The fact is, justice is not based on exposure and realization; people cannot change the system if it is run by people who created the system to maintain the system. Emile Durkheim (sociologist) stated that crime is a functional part of society and that without it there would be no social order. This resembles something biblical…what is it again? Oh right good versus evil. The coexistence of conflicts. Why would you need forgiveness if you haven’t done anything wrong? Even atheists can’t believe the immensity of conflict sometimes; Ah, that’s yet another subject. Why do I keep straying? Maybe because I am so damn frustrated. I don’t need everyone to be thinking like me, everyone needs to think judiciously. The more you condition your hair the slipperier it gets right? The easier it is to comb out; the less likely your natural oils have any part to play in your scalp. As so; the more you condition your mind; the easier it gets for theoretical indoctrination and propaganda to replace your innate goodness; reason and acumen. You can’t “support” a cause if you can’t first support yourself. You can’t pop yourself from culture to culture because you believe in equality. Equality is a mathematical concept whether its referred to people or not. Two parties must coexist. Moderation it what determines overpower, order or survival. You don’t need a scriptural conviction to tell you that a human is your brother regardless of biological essentialism. Deep conditioning is a seasonal hair care course; you don’t know how good it is to let your hair breathe. You don’t know how good it is to let your mind breathe. How many movies have you seen with plots that conclude Africa being a safe haven? To name a few ; 2012, The Day After Tomorrow, The Help, Madagascar, Blood Diamond. Its not a coincidence. Its important that you are conditioned to believe the facade that that rescue only exist in a delusional world; and that its not reality that we can save each other. A new generation would not save the world. Justice does not come about through vicissitude of culture over 100 years. Wake up America. Uncondition your mind.


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