The Secretly Vindictive

I’d say absolutely no one is 100% in their right mind. There are no fully sane folks walking this earth. I may perhaps excuse babies and infants regarding their innate innocence and goodness but that’s about it. At least one point in your life you sought vengeance. You spited someone because humans are insatiable creatures. Or so we were probably conditioned to believe. “Its in human nature“, “He’s a man its expected“. I know I’m not the only one who has ever heard that before. Uhhh to me that sounds like a sorry excuse for you to be a cunt. But you know what, its the truth. Human nature is a real thing and behavioural sciences and science will teach you that. We act a lot upon emotions and throw aside logic like some dirty laundry. But you don’t have to be secret about it. If you are not angered in a situation where its bound for you to become angered, congrats buddy you’ve mastered some serious emotional and mind control. That’s a marvelous accomplishment. I wish I could pull of that shit. Well, I do, I just wish I could pull off that shit all the time I mean. There’s no greater foolish feeling than succumbing to reason that is entirely based on how you “feel” about the situation. Its only downhill if you put your personal attempt before a logical attempt. I learned this the hard way. My life started taking shape when I started to reason almost mathematically instead of crying and sobbing over the stupidest of shit.

In the event of my realizations and third eye awakening I also became aware of a certain kind of parasite that live in people. Its called vengeance. I know that that word is very powerful and indeed it is just such. People take advantage of other people’s weaknesses whether they admit it or not; whether they do it consciously or not. It is human nature to do so. We are creatures that were governed by law from birth and we desire rebellion deep down in our gut. Honestly I used to think by nature we are good and pure and its all meadows and flowers. Or were these beliefs instilled in me? We have a wide variety of views of human nature available to us in our culture: trichotomism, dualism, physicalism, idealism and many variations on each of these themes. The variety can be explained in part by the fact that Christian theologians have taught a number of different views throughout the tradition’s long history. Many of these differences are due to the borrowing of assorted accounts from ancient philosophy. Other differences are due to conflicting interpretations of the biblical texts. But that’s another historic article that I definitely won’t be writing. Let me just say I’ve experienced the two sides of human nature; the good and the bad. The in-between would be yet another article, c’mon its Monday and I’m tired. I’ve probably been an exhibit of both sides as well. But I’m learning my lesson. I’m learning where I should direct my emotional reasoning and where I should direct my logical one. I’m learning not to bind the two, I’m learning where I should bind the two, and I’m learning where I do not need either. (Free Spirit…another article LOL).

I’m not here to warn you, I’m here to share my thoughts as per usual. Be careful. Your emotions are strong but they are masked as weak for people that are vindictive. People that use your energies when you are vulnerable. Learn to control how your react to certain situations. Your energy is very immaculate and people are very wicked…

And secret about it.


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