The Healing is in the Aching


I came across this image on Tumblr and immediately felt obligated to write about it. Because I’ve never seen so much truth in an image. If any of you has ever suffered a mental illness, a mental strain, a mental condition whether it be stress, depression, bipolar, trauma, emotional scarring and anxiety, this image will speak to you. The healing is in the aching. I immediately understood what this meant and related to it so deep that I could explain it inside out. I really dislike talking about what I’ve been through and I sometimes lie to people about my childhood; simply because; they don’t need to know. I don’t feel the need to tell people the truth about how I grew up and my experiences as a child and young girl. The important people in my life know the truth or at least know who I am today regardless of what my life story is. When you’ve been through painful experiences they latch on to you just like happy and memorable experiences. They become a part of you and shape who you are, they construct your perspective, your beliefs and your decision making. When you’ve had stress and been through depression it takes a toll on your mental functionality. You begin to have inward and intra-personal battles and conflict. When this has gotten to the point where you are mentally ill and scarred.

Healing your mind is a lengthy task and often leaves us very much exhausted. But it is rewarding. It is not just an overnight healing process; it includes everything from positive affirmations to change in diet, company and environment. It is most definitely a painful process. Pain while healing pain. The healing is in the aching. You will never experience something as painful as being trapped in your own thoughts and mind. Stress warps your brain and changes its natural courses and routes and to get back on track new roots will need to grow in new places and your mind will change. The most powerful thing we have is our minds and as far as mental illness can destroy it is as how far will power and mind control can heal it. It’s only a matter of commitment to a healthier and better way of thinking. And of course accepting that we must go through pain to rid ourselves of pain. A clean mind is worth more than a gold mine. Think about it.


One thought on “The Healing is in the Aching

  1. Swear I’m medzing and got the email lol saw the title and had to read. Change in company is such a big thing. Especially when the company became so close to you. Its difficult to leave them esp when your third eye sees the truth comes like u trapped.

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