Shut up about your little complaints; There are bigger issues in the world

This is equivalent to telling a child don’t be sad because there are other children who are worst off. There is nothing wrong with comparative circumstance. Teaching a child how to be appreciative and gracious for what he or she has harbours respect and an pleasant personality. Some people counter argue and say that it works both ways; then you should not be so happy since there are people better off than you. But what lesson are you teaching? Gratitude is based not on an absence of appurtenances but on a sole appreciation for having something which you consider more … Continue reading Shut up about your little complaints; There are bigger issues in the world

You have to one day realize that you’re not a boy with dreams but a man with aspirations. I think that’s when a man knows he has become a man. He accepts his vision, he realizes that people need him and have expectations of him and he no longer uses his “fuck the world” excuses but he owns up to responsibility and he turns disappointments into lessons to be better. He becomes better at owning up to responsibility in all aspects of life for the rest of his life. Continue reading

Do you really want to live forever?

I was scrolling through Tumblr at work this morning as usual and saw a thing. And I had to share my thoughts on it with you guys… as usual. It was a collage showing the modification/change of fashion from the 20th century to now. What men and women wore during each decade. And wow I must say I was so… confused. I’m really not to write about fashion I kinda hate it and hate trends to be honest. I appreciate fashion I mean as a female that likes really girly things and looking pretty but I don’t stand to make … Continue reading Do you really want to live forever?

Happy Sorrow

Do I contradict myself? Fine. I contradict myself. I contain multitudes. Its a bit inevitable. I believe to be a perfect human being you should avoid as many contradictions as possible. Especially contradicting emotions. While I was receiving therapy I learned that’s its okay to feel conflicting emotions but its not okay to portray them or act upon them. If you feel like you’re about to defy logic in a certain situation you’ll end up defying the situation, it’ll become a problem and it won’t be solved. It’ll store in your mind like a casette. A casette that we know … Continue reading Happy Sorrow