Do you really want to live forever?

I was scrolling through Tumblr at work this morning as usual and saw a thing. And I had to share my thoughts on it with you guys… as usual.

It was a collage showing the modification/change of fashion from the 20th century to now. What men and women wore during each decade. And wow I must say I was so… confused. I’m really not to write about fashion I kinda hate it and hate trends to be honest. I appreciate fashion I mean as a female that likes really girly things and looking pretty but I don’t stand to make fashion statements and spend time thinking how can I look real good today so that everyone can be impressed. I got better things to do in life. I know a lot of fashion heads out there who might be offended but go ahead and do your thing; no hard feelings. Here’s what I’m confused about and what I really want to write about. The fact that people have to audacity to ask why is the world the way it is today? What’s wrong with people? What happened to morals? Oh my God why is this generation like that? Ummmm, its our fault. Everyone wants change, everyone is easily acceptant of new generation this and modern generation that. Everyone wants the right to make their own theories and not be responsible for the consequences of it. People want liberation and respect for things that were deemed moral but is now outdated? There is no expiration date on humanity! We are in for the worst if we continue to harbour this modern age mentality. Transgenderism, homosexuality, murder, rape, atheism and corruption are not 2015 issues. They were issues long before most of us were born. All they are today is more abundant. They are encouraged, they are free. And that’s okay and alright to millions of people. Why? Because no one human being has control over another human being in any aspect; thoughts, body, opinion; nothing. What have we changed now that everyone has a free opinion? What has changed about mortality? Have you stepped back and taken a look of what’s happening OUTSIDE OF AMERICA?

Hey. We are going the wrong way.


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