Shut up about your little complaints; There are bigger issues in the world

This is equivalent to telling a child don’t be sad because there are other children who are worst off. There is nothing wrong with comparative circumstance. Teaching a child how to be appreciative and gracious for what he or she has harbours respect and an pleasant personality. Some people counter argue and say that it works both ways; then you should not be so happy since there are people better off than you. But what lesson are you teaching? Gratitude is based not on an absence of appurtenances but on a sole appreciation for having something which you consider more than nothing; where nothing itself is something even if one has nothing else except life. This is not how the world works however. We are conditioned and influenced to think that we need otherwise. There are a billion issues bigger than our jobs, our average livelihoods, our twitters and our daily meals. But what do we focus on? What we do not have. Human beings are insatiable creatures and its the reason money has manifested that. Greed breeds greedy. Before you complain again about your tiny feminist problem or what she wore today…… be quiet.


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