I’m going to magnify myself so much it will be near impossible to bring me down, lose my focus or disappoint me.I’ve made the decision to work on myself, by myself and for myself and stop putting other people’s needs before mine. I am worth more than I’ve taught myself and my dreams are begging me to tend to them before they slip away. I’m ready to shine bright. Strong, courageous and focused.   Advertisements Continue reading Lioness

Test Results

I thought I’d share with you guys some psychological reviews I received on myself not just for the sake of showing who I am a bit but perhaps some of you may relate. That maybe some of you can try to figure yourselves out more. Maybe some of you were wondering what type of person I am? Haha. I got them from my counsellor and well, apart from interesting it really made me take a big step in understanding or at least begin¬†understanding who I am unconsciously which is the true self. On my journey through battling depression and anxiety … Continue reading Test Results

Is that your man or your father? Actually he’s what you may never have.¬†

I see some women be bragging that their man can’t tell them what to do and that they don’t need permission in relationships before they do certain things. Ok so just to understand what you trying to say is that under no circumstance you gonna consult with him to find out if he’s ok or comfortable with things you do/ places you go/ stuff you wear. Are you in a relationship casually for company or are you intending to perhaps become a wife. Now I’m not saying you’re under no obligation to be completely subordinate to your man but what’s … Continue reading Is that your man or your father? Actually he’s what you may never have.¬†