Is that your man or your father? Actually he’s what you may never have. 

I see some women be bragging that their man can’t tell them what to do and that they don’t need permission in relationships before they do certain things. Ok so just to understand what you trying to say is that under no circumstance you gonna consult with him to find out if he’s ok or comfortable with things you do/ places you go/ stuff you wear. Are you in a relationship casually for company or are you intending to perhaps become a wife. Now I’m not saying you’re under no obligation to be completely subordinate to your man but what’s this whole new wave of disrespect you females on? And blatantly lusting on social media and using the excuse that its only social media to be so freely open about sex, sex acts, your bodies, other people’s bodies leaving NOTHING to the imagination, leaving nothing private or sacred or gracious or is that not your field of behavior. If so is the case then please, carry on in your freeness. Do you. I’m looking out for the women who still hold moral and are not easily influenced by moral modernity and force accommodation for this new world full of degradation and acceptance of bullcrap cause everything is “entitled” consideration. Even if that means making yourself look like a complete fool. And when I say something like this its gonna be deemed as anti-feminist and patriarchally inclined as a result of bible conditioning and a whole bunch of other type this and type that when it’s simple humility. Simply humility. 


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