I’m Finally gonna answer this What’s your Perfect Date question. 

You invite me over. You don’t have anything prepared you just know you wanted to see me. But when I do come over you’ve been sifting through your music and you landed on Norah Jones “Come Away With Me”. You push my bag off my shoulder and grab my waist and dance with me, kissing me deeply. We’re dancing and your body tells me you want me and must lay me down. But you don’t. We’re just dancing and you’re treating my body like it belongs to you. You’re caressing every part of me. Swooping my hair back and telling me you’ve missed me. When the song stops we sit and you pour me some sweet liquor, something you bought but forgot about it. But it worked perfect for this moment. We drink and get a little drunk so we go to the kitchen to eat. We make panini sandwiches with corn and sit and watch The Hobbit. Halfway through the movie we fall asleep. But you wake me up kissing me and climbing your way on top of me. We make love for the rest of the film and even into credits. We fall asleep again. We wake up and you give me more liqour. We make love again. We fall asleep again. We sleep through the night and wake up the next morning together. 


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