i think some people follow my social media accounts just cause I’m pretty. I mean, that’s not 100% a bad thing, being attractive is a blessing and privilege in some cases if we’re being real but that’s not all I am. But somehow I don’t mind. I prefer it that way because i remain a mystery to some people. People often misconstrue my personality. 50% think I’m bitchy, the other 50% think I’m weird. It’s good to keep your private life private. People will judge your exterior regardless. But I’m in an effort to stop contradicting myself and clean up my social media accounts; in that they will reflect me better despite the fact that they may sometimes not reflect me at all. For instance I don’t wanna post/reblog porn, support anything discriminatory or racist, bash anyone’s religion etc. You know, make it my business to stand for what i stand for. And its not my business to judge anyone. I’m concerned with myself. We can’t ignore the fact that social media is a part of life in this era; meaning; it reflects A LOT of ourselves. We can’t deny that when we’re in a mood to vent we post accordingly. We talk to our blogs. We reach out. We let people know our moods. We’re just human. You guys should reflect on your understanding of this and become better. I always say a good life is avoiding as many contradictions as possible. Don’t feel guilty for reading the bible, then go listening to some slandering music. Good doesn’t mix with evil but my point is that we’re trying to execute the greater power over the next. Try to wipe off whatever excess evil. Avoid contradictions in your spirit. Your soul is very delicate and it depends on what decisions your physical and mental makes. You must choose wisely. 


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