Lets stop telling others to hang around people their own age because we don’t want to enforce that. Here’s what we would like to clear up. Hang around people that will uplift you. Do not keep stagnant company, don’t be around immature groups of people who will drag your mindset. You need to be around focused and ambitious company especially if you ARE that type of person. A person looking to improve your livelihood and personality. Be around spiritual people who have something to bring to the table. If you are a person concerned with the well being of others do not let their negative energies deface yours when you try to help. It is very easy to bevacuumed  in the wrong type of company thinking you are making a difference. Be around goodness and people who don’t stroke your ego but pull you square. Do not entertain small minds. Act your age when you are serious. Being intelligent doesn’t mean you can’t have a sense of humor but be careful you don’t portray yourself as a clown. Image is important. Company is important. Choose them wisely. 


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