Become your greatest version 

Don’t worry about what people are going to think when you are about to make a change in your life. Ask yourself, who are you doing it for? And why are you doing it? Become your greatest version of yourself. To live righteous life you have to first figure out whether your life will lean toward God or lean toward uncategorized spiritual teachings. Try not to judge others. Believe in what you believe in and let it guide you along your journey. If you have bad habits deal with them one by one and don’t worry if they are tough to cut out. What’s important is that your heart wants them to discontinue. You have to put your heart into what you do. The right people will come and stay into your life. If you have the love and support of genuine people learn to appreciate it. Learn to reciprocate. Give what you get and more where its applicable. Read. Pray. Meditate. Spend time in nature. Learn to meditate without paraphernalia. Don’t eat toxic food. Drink water always. Breathe. Spend time with people you love. Show affection and be proud of your emotions. Try to stay positive. Don’t feel ashamed of your toxic and negative thoughts. Realize that there is a process to remove them. And understand that it is okay to have them. Learn the process. Wear light clothing. Wear white, yellow, earth tones and slippers. Make your own jewelrey with pieces of nature. Energy transfers through things we create with our hands. We make energies by what we feel. Express yourseld. You are all you have. Become your greatest version. 


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