Africa Unite


Unified Division or Divided Unity


I recently came across a Tumblr post that moved me to tears. An African man in a photoset weeping and begging all black people of the world to come back home to Africa. He cried that they did not belong anywhere else but Africa and that he was willing to welcome them all, and start living in harmony and cure the displacement that history had brought about. I began thinking “what if?” What if all the black people in the world decided to return home to their motherland? Would this be considered a division or unification? It would actually be both. And here’s why:


The truth is White/Anglo/European people make up less than 5% of the world’s population, making them the real ‘minorities’ on the planet. While there are nearly 1 billion people alone currently living in Africa, there are untold millions of Blacks living throughout the world and within the African Diaspora. (Source: Contemporary Context). Therefore if all Blacks were to come to live together it would create a large and truly stringent division amongst the world’s population. However it would be the purest form of unification the world can accomplish. As beautiful as this sounds it truly raises some austere questions despite the rapport it promotes. Does black mean of Negro race only? What about people that are mixed? How would the rest of the world feel about this division/unification? Well firstly there must be some sort of genetic/DNA testing to take place to determine how black the black parts of you are if you are bi or multi-racial bearing in mind there is no point of deciding how black you must be to be considered black. Secondly, there is no doubt at all that Whites are going to drop the racism card here. They’re gonna claim that we black people are creating divisions sanctioned by hate against their whiteness and that the separation from the rest of the world is our way of saying we are against unification of all of mankind. WRONG! Black pride is NOT white hate. Reverse-racism doesn’t exist and the unification of all black people is not a statement of dislike/disregard for/against white people. It is an expression toward years and years of being oppressed, feeling inferior and finally getting a chance to embrace blackness without being accused of doing something wrong. Bob Marley said “How good and how pleasant it will be, to see God and man, to see the unification of all Africans.” It is not science to know that people feel most comfortable amongst their familiar kind. This does not mean that all of mankind cannot get along. The reality of the situation is that we are categorized whether we like it or not. And one way to remove some of that resistance that we feel in society is to accept our origin and embrace our people. Black people are not racist because they have a desire to be among their own ethnical kind.

If all Africans lived together the only thing it can create is a strong-hold. But this will not be so. It will be destroyed by white politics and European power hunger. It is of no surprise that any attempt to consolidate blackness goes to no avail because of white supremacism or just plain hate. Let alone we attempt to migrate to the great continent where we originated, they might do something terrible, like capture us and enslave us…


If we regarded everything in history as making sense, we would go crazy which is why God gave us will power. And through that will power we have rationale and deciphering capability through non-hateful judgment. History teaches us that it is not fair to accept what had been done but more fair to learn that we can change it. We cannot change reality but we can adjust ourselves around it. Black unification is a phenomenon no one can explain. Black people are a race no one can embrace but always want to follow. Everyone wants to be black until it’s time to be black. The world is forever appropriating black culture and hiding it behind “fashion” and “universal statements”. Oh please, spare us your attempts to try to be original. Black people do not want to be isolated from the rest of the world. This is not the intention or motive. It’s just that blackness deserves avowal in all its essence and multeity. We (black people) do not consider anyone inferior or superior for that matter. Our main desire is to live in fulfillment and not feel suffocated because our deepness and variance as a race seems too bold or too “black” for the (white) world to withstand or acknowledge. We are not asking for permission or any type of text book recognition for wanting to be freely unified or “divided” from the rest. We are homesick, we are displaced and we are tired. The next time a white person utters “you should go back to Africa”, we just might and you BETTER not follow us.



By: Regina-Lee Dowden


Citing and Sources:

Contemporary Context: Statistics

Africa Unite- Bob Marley


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