Just Us League

Does God want justice for all, or is it just us? Batman versus Superman; Dawn of Justice. It was quite an intrigue, worth the watch and definitely worth the unfolding. I was somehow convinced that I have to say my say on it.

For the Justice League fanatics, I need not start from the origin but rather focus on this movie. To the directors whom of which I’m almost certain are the biggest fans of religion and science; kudos to you guys for fucking with my mind; also for baffling me with bullshit and at the same time dazzling me with brilliance. You guys are the masters of depiction. Only the analytical-heads will obsess over your movie.

I’m going to say Lex Luthor was pretty much our very own narrator. All of his words basically put the movie together. If you were questioning what the hell is going on, Lex definitely answered you soon enough some way or another. Superman is God, and he represents all the goodness and righteousness that people believe in. He represents an omnipotent who is not strained by evil but who is always uplifted despite “casualties” he may cause. Just like in religion; God is allowed to destruct and disrupt the earth because his justification is always his people and all his detours have ultimately “good” intentions. In theory “To save some, some must die” or in other words “sacrifice” is the stronghold of man (or mankind). Lex Luthor made mention that “If god is all powerful then he cannot be all good, and if he is all good then he cannot be all powerful” by this, Lex has blown up what years and years of biblical justice has thought us; to leave it all to the higher man. “Let go and let God” because we do not have that power to bring us the justice we desire FOR ANY SITUATION. We must depend on God (or in some cases karma and destiny). So, only God is capable of the control of the outcome which is why he is called God. If you scheme through the bible, almost every scripture that regards justice urges us to seek God and he will do the work and whatever the aftermath we must be satisfied with it because as man we cannot fathom what it means to bring justice to all people and not feel bad about who was killed in the effort to do so. Did superman ever feel guilt? I’ll let you answer that. Does God feel guilt? Hence Lex’s frustration about the almighty doing as he pleases and no one puts logic in the rationale.

Luthor proceeded to provoke Superman, to kill the Batman. How? Through captivity of his mother, we would’ve all expected it to be Lois right? Nah, apparently a man’s mother is his number one lady. Why though? Simple, because she gave him life. We all saw Superman’s reaction knowing his mother is in bondage and near death; he wailed, he didn’t care about ANYTHING, he flipped the fuck out. He’s not so perfect after all right? We all get angry, vindictive and selfish. We’re imperfect, so is he? What does God do when his will is not fulfilled? When he does not receive his honor and glory? Does he send destruction and affliction upon us? Lex Luthor questioned these things in the effort to prove that we are not fit to call God good, just like it was not the people’s call to say Superman is a hero. A “good” hero.

What’s next? Doomsday. Similar to the Victor Frankenstein phenomenon (the mishap of creating the beast) Lex Luthor decides to bring this demonoid back to life. Since superman won’t do the dirt, the devil will. The “devil”. Oh but wait, lets back track for a bit; when Batman discovered the metahuman data from Lex’s hyper drive. What do these say? Who is Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman and Wonder Woman? They are the (represented) elements that govern the earth. They are the power around us; they are under God with similar strengths for no other reason than to fight with and against the natural. These will be revealed later on through the Justice League movie continuation. Wonder Woman however, she was very powerful against Doomsday, why? Because clairvoyance that’s why. So enough back tracking, fast forward to the fight between God, man and Satan. Sorry I meant Superman, batman and Doomsday; like there’s a difference. Anyway who defeated Doomsday? Superman. And… He died in the process of doing so. WHAT KILLED HIM? What killed God and the Devil? Kryptonite. Ladies and gentlemen what is kryptonite? What gives God his power? Hey, what gives Satan his “power”? Kryptonite my friends is Unbelief. If you disagree ask yourself if there is any logic in faith? Similarly, what keeps faith? The belief that something is real and it cannot be weakened by doubt. The lack thereof killed them both; leaving mankind behind with nothing but scriptures and monuments and flowers at His grave. No compassion for Doomsday obviously. So I’m assuming we are all familiar with the story of Jesus Christ and how the resurrection took place, right, hence the reason the dirt moved on Superman’s coffin. What an ending. Sorry, what a beginning. Wait…





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