Dear Future Husband.

I am aware that I am no longer a newborn baby. My innocence has blood stains and battered blue and black marks. My beauty has changed and I have been somewhat influenced into the perpetual spin cycle that controls the internet and social world. But my heart is stronger. I have been refocused on what is my true destiny. I am made in love, for love and through love I will gravitate toward the path that leads me onto righteousness and the self-less woman I am supposed to be. My body and my beauty does not belong in a photograph for all to see. My intelligence is not for cockiness appeal nor pride and false hype. My faith is not rested in men that want to be my friends nor females that are secretly my foes. My only true friend is God and through him came you. I am thankful that my mistakes hurt my bones so that to learn that if I must not carry that pain any more I must tarry a life worth being called pure, fought and sought for. I have not lost my beliefs I have not lost my way. I am faithful to the word of God to the words from him, for me and to you. I do not want myself to be glorified as a promiscuous and sexually desirable woman to all eyes. I want to be hidden. So hidden that you must seek God first to find out what is on my mind, what is in my heart and what is within and on my body. You alone. I will not praise you, I will praise God. I will not serve you I will serve God. What I will do is honour and respect you, love you and guide you, all of the vows I make to you I will fulfil them. I cannot wait to show you the growth of my love every single day. I cannot wait to figure you out all the days of my life and laugh and play with you like a child with crowning love and joy. My respect for you will be in front of your face and behind your turned back. I will walk with God so you need not worry that my eyes, ears and lips stray unto any false God, man, idol, object or evil. I will be your best friend. I will show you that a modern world cannot change a good woman. I will prove to you that God will always get the glory. I will always find back my place if I fall away. I will come back into your arms if disagreement has led us apart. I will destroy my pride for the sake of our relationship and I will be the woman that God predestined me to be.


2 thoughts on “Dear Future Husband.

  1. I must say this was very interesting. I’m sure it didn’t happen over night and u prob fell and got back up. I know the time is coming for me as well cuz life is repetitive currently. And the world we are in currently getting worse. Nothing is real or solid anymore just phases.

    1. It definitely wasnt overnight but i continued to persevere and sustain my efforts cause my eyes on the right things. I’m glad you looking in the right direction as well 🙂

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