Lonely Romantic

It occurred to me that a lot of people don’t understand what it means to be a romantic or the true concept of romance. So, I found it urging to explain what it is since I, myself, am made of romantic bones and veins. Before you assume that women are more romantic than men, please remember Shakespeare. All my life I was led to believe that you can only feel true romance by being with someone who was truly in love with you. But I was proved wrong whilst falling in love in my adult life. It does not take … Continue reading Lonely Romantic

This Man Never Troubled No One

I’ve never seen a man with so much dimension. Him, in his casual clothes and burning personality standing so tall. A man who busted out of childish ways yet is still an adventurous boy. He walks with God and somewhere in his veins run the manhood put in him as the one put in Adam. He takes it upon himself to define who he is despite an excruciating battle between being good enough and being good. He allows no man on earth to judge his heart, not even his father or his brothers. See, he is still learning as a … Continue reading This Man Never Troubled No One

My style of Writing- Me as a writer

If you’ve ever wondered about how my writing sounds I’ll make your ponder a bit clearer. Sometimes when I write poetry the finished product sounds like very old english. And this is because of the early likelihood that my soul and mind intertwined with oxford poetry from a very young age. I’m talking about poetry since before the 1200s; english verse. When I came across this book I almost fainted because it was the first time in my life I felt so emotionally, intellectually, even spiritually drawn to something. The connection I felt with this type of poetry instilled an … Continue reading My style of Writing- Me as a writer

My Days

I’ve waited all my days For what reason any lover would wait For true love, and heartbreak. When I loved you first I loved you whole I still love you, love you for old. When we broke apart I couldn’t wait My patience turned cold every day A day became all my days that I had waited. I love you through God Pure Despite every dark and blue flaw Your precious face in my hand I’ve held the cheek of a man Once away, too long away Don’t ever let me go a day without you Say anything. You heal … Continue reading My Days

I’m Her

If I can’t be with you all day, I sure do want to see you everyday. If I can’t see you everyday, I sure do want to talk to you all day. If I can’t talk to you all day, I sure do want to talk to you everyday. If I can’t talk to you everyday, I sure do want to make sure the last time we talk is the most intimate talk of all, to know how I love you, to know that I will miss you to know that all I want to be is with you all … Continue reading I’m Her


If you just rolled all the way over on your bed and still manage to make more than a thousand dollars, sleeping, congrats man. Like, you don’t know how many people are striving to be just like you. If its not a goal of everyone to make tons of money then I tell you its a goal of more than many. Unfortunately we’re not all given the same opportunities to make money making happen quick and easy. Success is something stemmed from sacrifice and focus. Besides being born into wealth, seizing a tremendous opportunity and winning at it, the hardship … Continue reading Ex-Thinked


You’d never know what its like to feel cold in a tropical climate. I’m freezing, I showered for nearly over an hour and whilst there felt every bone in my body aching then becoming numb. I came out and landed myself onto my bed. Naked as I’d been born. Only cold inside of the room. Me,my heart and my memories. Memories whipped my body like lashes Christ endured. I felt hurt and ashamed, twice more than before, than ever. I have never felt so tired. It feels like my forehead had been bitten and I am bleeding out of my … Continue reading Coal

Laundromat Chat- Behind My Eyes

  I was folding my clothes. Normal routine. Then a guy shouted over at me and asked if I smoked. Is it that obvious? It was like asking a black rasta guy if he has weed or a lighter. I’d like to think I dress pretty ordinary and not like a girl who smokes, if there is such a look. But I wasn’t really offended I was just surprised. Anyway, I said yeah. So my hand was already reaching in my pocket to pick out my lighter and/or a cigarette, or a hemp, or… I didn’t have weed on me … Continue reading Laundromat Chat- Behind My Eyes