Life On Other Planets

Life on Other Planets   I have a theory that this earth will finish and another place in space shall be called home. So far in history how many times have we survived a doomsday or a claimed apocalypse? One too many times I would say. The truth is, Earth will never truly end but it will soon be consumed in disaster by nature. But there is no need to worry, for our children and grandchildren will have a place to stay, away from here. Recently, NASA made a tremendous discovery. Yes, there is water on Mars. Red Planet has taken more than … Continue reading Life On Other Planets

Africa Unite

Unified Division or Divided Unity   I recently came across a Tumblr post that moved me to tears. An African man in a photoset weeping and begging all black people of the world to come back home to Africa. He cried that they did not belong anywhere else but Africa and that he was willing to welcome them all, and start living in harmony and cure the displacement that history had brought about. I began thinking “what if?” What if all the black people in the world decided to return home to their motherland? Would this be considered a division … Continue reading Africa Unite