Life On Other Planets

Life on Other Planets


I have a theory that this earth will finish and another place in space shall be called home. So far in history how many times have we survived a doomsday or a claimed apocalypse? One too many times I would say. The truth is, Earth will never truly end but it will soon be consumed in disaster by nature. But there is no need to worry, for our children and grandchildren will have a place to stay, away from here.

Recently, NASA made a tremendous discovery. Yes, there is water on Mars. Red Planet has taken more than 15 years to turn up definitive signs that liquid flows on the surface today. In the past however, rivers and oceans may have covered the land. Where did all of the liquid water go? Why? How much of it still remains? Observations of the Red Planet indicate that rivers and oceans may have been prominent features in its early history. Billions of years ago, Mars was a warm and wet world that could have supported microbial life in some regions. But the planet is smaller than Earth, with less gravity and a thinner atmosphere. Over time, as liquid water evaporated, more and more of it escaped into space, allowing less to fall back to the surface of the planet. But, my theory suggests that we are evolving as a human race and our adaptation rate is increasing the more we experiment with the environment; both in the lab and in the streets. If we look at Earth specs regarding atmospheric and temperature changes we can almost instantly confirm that our ability to adapt is constant. So, who will we be in the next few decades? What type of atmosphere will we be able to breathe through? If Earth should be no more, how safe is it to say that our offspring’s offspring’s offspring will drink the water on Mars?

We certainly are headed in the direction of human migration from this planet to another. What NASA is hiding from us might definitely be the answer to this theory. Technology is not slowing down neither is the rate at which human beings are inventing and evolving themselves and others. The world is in a heightened state of mechanization; and for us to keep up we must excogitate on how possible it is to discover livelihood in places apart from planet earth. It is necessary. All the conspiracy about “life on other planets” was us telling our own future. We are the life on other planets. Our image has been projected throughout history confusing us to believe that we are not the only ones. But we are. It’s our own energies that had fooled us. We are the aliens, or at least our children’s children will be.




By: Regina-Lee Dowden


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