A Day at the Beach

  I can live without you but I choose never not to. Like the ocean you remind me of how much and no matter what tries or may try to pull us apart we always find our way back or become stronger in our relationship. Although we are blessed that nothing has ever teared us down to the point that we cannot stay together. I love you like the water, entirely, unconditionally and wholly. You’re the sun and breeze in my sky and the salt that sometimes burn my eyes. You make me so sleepy, I’m so rested, my skin … Continue reading A Day at the Beach

100 Song Challenge

So I made up this blog challenge. 100 Songs you cannot fathom life without hearing. Of all time, over time I compiled my life playlist that I probably add songs to ever so often but it really and truly has remained the same since I was very young. So feel ever so free to bless your ear and steal my playlist. You wont regret it. Without further ado, in no particular order. Bob Marley & The Wailers- Chances Are Bon Iver- Flume Creed- Higher Birdy- 1901 The Drums- You’re The One That Makes Me Happy Jeff Buckley- Satisfied Mind Elvis … Continue reading 100 Song Challenge

Dear Future Husband.

I am aware that I am no longer a newborn baby. My innocence has blood stains and battered blue and black marks. My beauty has changed and I have been somewhat influenced into the perpetual spin cycle that controls the internet and social world. But my heart is stronger. I have been refocused on what is my true destiny. I am made in love, for love and through love I will gravitate toward the path that leads me onto righteousness and the self-less woman I am supposed to be. My body and my beauty does not belong in a photograph … Continue reading Dear Future Husband.

Stop What? 

So its now one hundred percent the norm to promote complete and genuine self love and body appreciation by posting pictures of your almost naked and naked body online. You definitely cannot accuse someone’s self respect because their counter argument is that you are body/slut shaming them into thinking that a woman’s body and self respect is determined my how much she covers up her body.  Continue reading Stop What? 


Its a trend now to admire and romanticize love from the outside. Pretty couples, pictures of affection and flowers all looking so perfectly depicted demanding that we feel the need to have that. That oh so perfect picture. But that’s just a problem. Its a picture. Its doesn’t percolate of what’s real about love. People get into relationships to take pictures of their progress to post it online for validation that its going okay its going fine. Likes and comments are gonna hold together this picture of what defines what a relationship is portrayed to be about. What happens when … Continue reading Thought


I will love you and I have loved you when you broke my heart and left me alone.  I still love you the way I loved you when I first came out of you. You gave me birth and I thank God for you and would not trade you for millions or the world.  I will forgive you no matter what you do or say because somehow that is how you raised me? I will hold on to you no matter how much you hate and give up on yourself because I believe my purpose is to love through the … Continue reading Mother

Diamonds and Pearls

I grew up Christian. So, my morals and standards have been stemmed from my beliefs and customs growing up. As a writer I also spend extensive amounts of free time doing research which has opened up my mind tremendously. I’ve questioned my faith, I’ve had doubts but I’ve never reached a point of complete disbelief. I support science theories, I respect other people’s belief and lack thereof and I only write to share and enlighten any time I’m inspired to do so. This one is about women but not just for women; men,you might be edified as well. One day I … Continue reading Diamonds and Pearls

*Insert Corny Phrase Here*

My logic is undeniable. People often misconstrue the things I say without understanding the logic behind it. I’m always assumed as being corny or overemotional or flat out romantic and unrealistic. You want some logic? Let me give you some. “When we have each other we have everything” I know right. A nice movie quote to tell your significant other when he/she is at world’s end trying to be good enough to face the world; feeling empty and broken and hopeless. Wrong. Me and my significant other are both human. Almost 99% of the mass of our bodies is made up … Continue reading *Insert Corny Phrase Here*